On-Demand Service App Development: Great Potential and Business Opportunities

Сonsumers’ attitudes and behavior have definitely shifted in recent years. With the rise and advance of technology, people got the opportunity to shop and order services online and mostly want to be satisfied instantaneously. That’s why on-demand startups are so popular nowadays and a successful on-demand service app might become your jackpot ticket.

Just look at some on-demand business facts:

  • 22.4 million users are attracted annually per industry of the on-demand market.
NineHertz investigation on On-Demand Solutions

Key advantages of the on-demand services

To gain success in any sphere you should analyze the up-to-date consumer needs and in view of that offer solutions. Besides, you should study the opportunities and technology at your disposal to provide your clients with the best amenities.

The key advantage of the on-demand services startups is the opportunity for the consumer to get everything he needs any time, anywhere, and in the most convenient way without even going out, but with a single tap on their phone. That’s why on-demand app development is also gaining popularity since technology simplifies and helps significantly to fulfill all the essential and urgent needs of both the customers and the service providers.

Today the on-demand economy apps have penetrated into all industries and spheres: transportation and logistics, health and beauty, food delivery and repairs services, this list can be endless…

Being the leaders in the sphere of app development, we can also mention the message on demand app and the veterinary doctor on demand app we have created for our customers as well as some others Uber-like app development tasks we’ve faced.

Whatever the reasons the consumers have for using the on-demand services, being on the opposite side of the process we should mention that accuracy, quality, speed, and client satisfaction are the values that shape up the on-demand economy. Nowadays the on-demand economy is encouraging more and more innovations and startups, which meet the consumers’ needs by offering them essential services. At the same time, the trend for such services usage becomes much more popular due to the increasing growth of mobile apps’ popularity.

The on-demand developers have benefited greatly in making the mobility a focal point of the contemporary on-demand marketplace. Technology makes it possible for the services to become instant and accessible 24/7 and the major role in the process belongs to the mobile apps, which are the most essential tool of modern business.

Mobile apps are the lifeblood of the on-demand business

On-demand software development links the service and goods providers with potential customers and retains loyal clients. Nowadays people use their smartphones daily for hundreds of tasks and can get things done or delivered with a single button tap. Thus, mobile apps become the lifeblood of the contemporary on-demand economy.

To ensure great user experience certain mobile app features should be integrated to guarantee future startup success.

Convenience. Being the synonym to on-demand it should not be restricted to service only, but to embrace the overall app performance, its intuitive user interface, speed, minimum number of clicks, simple login and check out processes, etc.

Real-time tracking. The possibility to update the order or product status and track it live benefits to the long-term customer loyalty through greater customer satisfaction.

Smooth Payment. It’s one more step to a cashless world and loyal customers, so most popular payment options integration allows developing customer base fast. When thinking over the startup idea any innovator should focus on creating a custom state-of-art app to drive his business forward fast.

Popular on-demand startups which stunned the modern world

Let’s look at the modern successful on-demand startups a bit closer and find out which on-demand applications have rocked the world already.

Uber. Who has failed to hear about it! The idea appeared out of the necessity to go somewhere easy and fast. Uber became a link between the users who needed a ride and the drivers who wanted to earn some money. Later on, many other transportation issues were solved in a similar way.

Aventri Platform

Netflix. A personal cinema in a smartphone which offers the users’ flexibility of watching the films and shows they like wherever and whenever they want.

BloomThat. Just several taps on the mobile screen and a lovely gift for your beloved person is sent to show your appreciation and care.

All of the startups mentioned above have come out with a unique business idea which was sustained, scaled, and became profitable within a definite period. To gain an understanding of the key business components, let’s study the on-demand business model a bit.

On-demand business model

To create a successful startup in the on-demand market you should:

Find a User Pain Point. Efficiency is the basis of any business and if you manage to develop a solution to the customer’s unique problem you get more than good chances for success.

Decide on the type of Service — Instant or Scheduled. Instant services, like food delivery, presuppose a short waiting time on part of a client, while the scheduled ones serve some future point of time. When considering an on-demand startup providing instant services, you should be ready to meet the growing demand, through competent capacity and supply, which is the next point to pay attention to.

Get a reliable staff and supplies. No matter whether you attract contracted or freelance workers, but you should form a steady staffing and stable supply to be able to scale your business.

Strengthen The Core: Nowadays technology is what keeps your business core secure and drives your success to a great extent. So choose the right way to connect to your potential customers whether it be an on-demand mobile app or web technology, or both.

As we have already mentioned, on-demand service apps are the lifeblood of the modern business, that’s why read further on.

How to Build a Successful On Demand Service App

To gain customer loyalty and success the on-demand app developers should tailor the services according to the interests and needs of the customers.

Flexibility is the first key. The user should get what he really needs from your app and support is required day and night for better customer satisfaction.

Technology Integration should be seamless and so should be the whole customer journey from the first to the last step on your highly intuitive platform.

Wise pricing strategy is important for the correct definition of the app’s monetary value. It should be lower than the services offered and with the competitors’ strategies in mind.

The main features to be implemented into your on-demand app are the following:

  • Registration/authorization,

It is also essential to keep in mind that the on-demand services are very attractive because they are mostly simple and cheap, but credibility should be sustained at the due level through proper checking of service providers’ data and certificates as well as minimizing potential risks. You should also figure out your way to stand out among the competitors, the on-demand services market is already overflowed with Uber-like applications for everything. You should find your own way to be unique. One more thing to remember is that balance is important. Your users and your service providers should achieve their goals and be equal.

To catch the trend, start with some small undertaking, make careful preliminary research, create a prototype and release it on the market, make sure your idea is viable and relevant to the users’ interests right now. Consider risks and find out the bottlenecks of the existing services and business on the whole, finally add some uniqueness and make your solution ingenious in some way.


Every startupper, investor or developer dreams to create a solution which can win everything, but you should keep in mind that success rarely comes without a thorny path to go along. Before starting your way just prepare to overcome difficulties and create a life-changing experience to your customers and the world. In case you need technical support we are always at the arm’s length to bring your ideas to life.

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