How to Build a Health Monitoring System for a Hospital?

What is a Health Monitoring System

The Key Arguments to Create a Healthcare Monitoring System Today

1. Portability

2. Health surveillance 24/7

3. Alert function

4. Multi functionality

Health Monitoring System Development: Layers, Architecture, Functions


Sensitive Layer

API layer

Data processing


How to Build a Health Monitoring System for a Hospital

  • how patient data will be collected,
  • how the information should be presented to doctors and care receivers,
  • in what way a doctor-patient interaction will be realized,
  • how a software solution will interface with the patients.

Patients’ health data sources

The way of integration with hospitals

The way to provide information to patients

Interaction between a doctor and a patient

Preventive care


What is the Cost of Health Monitoring System Development

Stfalcon Experience

  • Improved service through the decreased waiting time for the patients,
  • Reduced risks for the patients due to the fast reaction to emergencies,
  • Automation of the documentation and improved interaction of the medical staff along with its better management and control,
  • Simple and intuitive UI convenient and clear for any user.




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