How Much Does Doctor App Development Cost?

What Are the Reasons to Develop a Medical App for Doctors?

  • delivery of a variety of healthcare practices,
  • independence of any geographic restrictions,
  • convenient access to e-health records,
  • improved collaboration with colleagues all the treatment process through,
  • enhanced efficiency while clinical decision-making,
  • increased productivity throughout the smooth workflow and efficient schedule setting.

The Types of Mobile Apps for Doctors

Medical reference mobile solutions

  • Convenient search by various filters and categories,
  • Quick access to the medicates and diseases descriptions, medical studies, guidelines, and articles,
  • Opportunity to take and store images, to play videos, and share media files.
  • Variable medical calculators’ integration,
  • Tests integration.

Professional networking solutions

  • Possibility to edit and share files and images,
  • Inbuilt chat,
  • Access to medical content and reference materials.

Patient health and condition tracking solutions

  • Hassles access to EHRs (Electronic Health Records),
  • A simple collection of the clinically vital info,
  • The patient’s lists and charts review,
  • Viewing images and scans right from the device,
  • Possibility to prescribe and place lab orders,
  • One-click e-prescribing
  • Prescription management,
  • Lab results reporting,
  • Real-time notifications about critical lab results or health conditions,
  • Follow-ups arrangements for the patients in rehabilitation,
  • Custom interfaces for different user categories,
  • Billing options.

Apps for booking an appointment with a specialist

  • Doctors search by location, specialty, insurance network, availability, etc,
  • A date picker or calendar integration for visit booking,
  • Appointment slots management,
  • Booking with a tap option,
  • Payment systems integration,
  • Booking history revision,
  • Appointments view, editing, and management.

Telehealth solutions

  • Personal profile creation option,
  • Voice or video calling/conferencing,
  • Texting or chatting,
  • Files like scans, X-rays, etc. attachment and view,
  • Opportunity to make notes and records,
  • Possibility to write out a prescription,
  • Payment system integrations.·

The Process of a Software Solution Development for Doctors

  • the project scope,
  • the platform chosen,
  • the features, their amount and complexity,
  • the quality of design,
  • the needed third-party integrations,
  • the expertise of the team involved,
  • the technical support or maintenance required.



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