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Are you struggling to get your e-commerce website noticed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With millions of online stores competing for attention, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with some killer online product promotion ideas.

Did you know that by 2040, a whopping 95% of all purchases will take place online? That means only a mere 5% of sales will happen in brick-and-mortar stores. The shift to online shopping is undeniable. So, it’s crucial for businesses to adapt to this new landscape.

If you’re looking to boost your online business and grab a piece of the digital sales pie, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll share some effective marketing promotion ideas. With these tips, you’ll attract more customers, increase website traffic, and boost e-commerce sales.

What is Ecommerce Promotion?

Ecommerce promotions refer to the strategies and techniques used to increase the visibility and sales of online stores. It involves various marketing activities. These activities are intended to attract more customers and encourage them to buy from the website. The goal is to drive traffic to the online store and convert that traffic into paying customers. This is done by using different strategies like

  • online advertising;
  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • social media marketing;
  • email marketing;
  • and other promotional tactics.

In the end, the goal of ecommerce promotion is simple — to generate more sales and revenue by motivating people to browse products and checkout with an order. Promotions increase traffic and conversions for online retailers.

Why are Ecommerce Promotions So Important?

There are a few key reasons why eCommerce promotions are so important.

  • Drive sales and revenue. The main purpose of promotions is to help drive more sales and earn more revenue. Sales and discounts encourage people to buy products they may not otherwise purchase.
  • Increase traffic and conversions. Promotions attract new visitors to the website through banners and ads. They also encourage existing customers to come back and shop more. This leads to higher traffic and more completed purchases.
  • Stay competitive. Online shopping is very competitive. Other stores and brands are always running sales and promotions. A business needs promotions to stay visible and appealing compared to competitors. It keeps customers interested in the brand.
  • Encourage repeat traffic. Promotions can build brand loyalty over time. Customers who use coupons may come back for future sales or subscribe to emails. Repeat visits and purchasing lead to ongoing revenue streams. In fact, statistics show that 2/3rds of customers end up making a purchase when they receive an online promotion code. 80% of customers make a first-time purchase after receiving online promotions.
  • Boost marketing efforts. Well-timed promotions amplify other marketing activities. An active social media campaign paired with a site-wide sale drives more people from ads to the site to shop for deals. Promotions help other efforts work better together.

12 Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Online Sales

This is what we are all here for — some working marketing ideas for ecommerce. Utilizing various online marketing tactics is key to promoting your online business.

Accept Payment in Installments

Accepting payments in installments opens this list of ecommerce promotion ideas. It lets customers pay over time instead of everything at once. Some customers will appreciate this option. When considering a big purchase, installments make it feel more affordable.

Set up a system through your website or a payment processor. You decide the terms, like the number of payments and the time between each one. Customers see it as a purchase benefit. Customers may spend a bit more if they don’t need to come up with the full total immediately.

For your business, installments mean the sale happens now, rather than losing it because someone can’t afford the whole amount currently.

Offer Free Shipping

When customers see they don’t have to pay extra for shipping, it makes your items seem like a better deal. Shipping costs can discourage sales if added on at checkout.

Offer free standard shipping over a certain purchase amount. This rewards people who buy more from you. It also pushes customers to spend that little bit extra. Remove any minimum purchase requirements for higher-priced items alone.

Be clear about your free shipping policy on product pages and checkout. Customers like knowing they won’t have to pay hidden fees later.

Create Loyalty Programs

We continue this list of marketing promo ideas with loyalty programs for repeat customers. Loyalty programs give people rewards for coming back to buy from you again.

A basic program lets customers earn one point for every dollar spent. After they reach a certain point amount, they get a discount or freebie on a future order. You can also offer rewards for signing up or referring friends.

More advanced programs provide membership levels like bronze, silver, and gold tiers. As customers spend more, they move up levels and get better perks. You can also create an innovative loyalty program that not only rewards repeat customers but also sparks their creative engagement with your brand.

Loyalty programs encourage repeat business from happy customers. Members feel invested in your brand and want to keep earning rewards. A loyalty program can help boost sales over the long run from repeat and referred customers.

Offer Complimentary Cross-Sells

Offering complimentary cross-sells with existing orders is one of the online store promotion ideas. Cross-selling is recommending add-on products that go along with what the customer originally bought.

For example, if someone orders shoes, suggest complimentary shoelaces, trees, or polish. Upsell accessories that complement the main item.

Recommend cross-sells as complimentary additions at checkout. Customers feel satisfied getting everything they need for one convenient delivery.

Use Live Chat

One of the unexpected ideas of online promotion ideas is using live chats. Customers have questions as they browse and consider purchases. Live chat allows getting answers instantly rather than waiting.

Live chat helps convert browsing visitors into buyers. Staff can provide suggestions for similar items, compatible accessories, sizing advice, and more. This guidance helps customers finalize their selection, compared to leaving without answers.

Prominently display the live chat button, so people notice help is available. Customers may feel more able to commit to a purchase with quick answers a click away. They won’t lose interest while waiting around.

Show Popular Products

Continuing the list of promotion ideas for eCommerce, making your most popular products very visible is useful. Showcase the top-selling items that keep customers coming back.

People gravitate towards what’s proven to be of the highest quality or value based on other purchases. Give social proof that others are choosing these items in large numbers. Human psychology tells us popularity is a buying influence. More eyes on your bestsellers can lead to even higher sales volumes.

Host Contests and Giveaways

These promotions spark excitement from customers wanting to participate and win prizes.

Run online contests where people can enter to win a prize like a gift card by completing tasks. Common tasks include liking your social posts, following channels, or leaving reviews on products. Hold monthly or seasonal giveaways by randomly selecting entries.

Promote contests on your website, in emails, and across social media. Draw attention to new arrivals or product categories this way. People will visit the relevant pages to enter, exposing them to your offerings.

Here are some effective ways to promote contests and giveaways on social media:

  • Create an eye-catching graphic or video ad announcing the promotion. Make sure to include all important details like how to enter, the deadline, prizes, etc.
  • Run the ad as a boosted/sponsored post on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Target your ideal audience for the highest visibility.
  • Share the ad organically on your social pages as well, with a catchy caption to generate shares/likes.
  • Encourage entrants to share the promotion with their networks for additional reach.
  • Tag winners in post announcements to congratulate them and inspire others.
  • Leverage social stories and posts to maximize the chances of the promotion appearing in people’s feeds.

Contests are a fun, interactive way to boost engagement and introduce more traffic to your site. The chance to win prizes also encourages sharing your brand with others. Both contests and giveaways can work to increase loyal customers and drive more overall sales over time.

Make Checking Out Easier

Easing the payment steps removes barriers that can cause cart abandonment. Offer popular payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay etc. Allow guests to checkout without registering first if they desire. Pre-fill shipping/billing info for registered users from their profiles.

Consider offering express checkout options tied to saved user accounts. Provide a one-click buy button for repeat customers.

Test checkout times to streamline inefficiencies. Focus on friction points to smooth the process. The faster and simpler checkout is, the more likely sales will be completed rather than lost. Removing hurdles and streamlining flow converts more browsers to paying customers.

Create Personalized Recommendations

Personalization is key to capturing the attention of online shoppers. 76% of consumers are more likely to buy from e-commerce sites that use personalization. Moreover, 78% would recommend the company and repeat purchases. Tailor your product recommendations, emails, and website content based on customer preferences and behavior to enhance the shopping experience. You can also send personalized emails featuring special offers tailored to individual customers’ interests to boost sales and customer loyalty.

To bring these eCommerce website promotion ideas to life, leverage past purchase history. Thus, you can suggest similar and complementary products customers may enjoy. The more someone buys from you, the better you can predict their preferences. Display recommendations on product pages, in order confirmation emails, and on the homepage. Consider testing a “Users who bought this also bought…” section.

Collect demographic and lifestyle information from profiles to further refine recommendations. For example, recommend family-friendly toys to families with children.

Tailoring the shopping experience makes customers feel known and increases trust in your brand. Personalized recommendations expose buyers to extra products in their preferences, driving additional impulse purchases.

Use Remarketing to Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

One of the effective website promotion ideas is remarketing to customers who abandoned their shopping carts. These visitors were nearly ready to buy, they just needed a nudge to finalize the sale.

Use Google or Meta’s remarketing pixel on your website to track visitors who add items to their cart but don’t complete checkout. Then, serve them ads with reminders of the abandoned items and incentives to finish their purchase. Offer limited-time discounts or free shipping exclusive to past cart abandoners. Display appealing ads showcasing the full selection and benefits of completing the order.

Remarketing gives another opportunity for hesitant buyers to finalize the sale at a moment they may be ready to commit. This tactic can translate many abandoned carts into recovered sales.

Run End of Season Discounts

As the season comes to a close, drop prices on remaining merchandise to clear inventory. Prominently promote expiration dates to create urgency. For example, “Up to 80% off all winter items — sale ends March 15th!”. Give customers a reason to purchase sooner rather than later.

Customers love a good sale and appreciate value. End-of-season price drops motivate buying options people considered earlier but waited for sales on. It also incentivizes owning older stock for less.

End-of-season sales stimulate last-minute demand as the season ends. It’s a chance to profit from lingering stock before it must be packed away another year. The time-sensitive discounts and urgency create a last-call opportunity.

Build Product Landing Pages

Having a landing page for your product is one of the best eCommerce promotion ideas. A landing page is a dedicated page for each of your products. They focus only on one product. This helps customers learn more about what you are selling.

Keep landing pages simple. Use clear language to describe the product features. Make sure to include high-quality photos of the product from different angles. Explain the benefits of why someone would buy this product. Test different page layouts and headlines.

See which ones convert visitors into paying customers. Landing pages help potential buyers learn about one thing quickly, without any distractions on information tor related to the product.

FAQ about Ecommerce Website Promotion Ideas

This FAQ will explore common questions and effective strategies related to promotion ideas for online stores.

What is retargeting, and how can I use it?

Retargeting means displaying ads to people who have previously visited your website but did not complete a purchase. This can be done through social media platforms, search engines, or affiliate websites. Retargeting ads remind past visitors of your products and encourage them to return and buy.

How much budget do need for paid advertising?

The amount needed depends on your goals and website size. Most experts recommend allocating at least 5–8% of your gross revenue to marketing. For a new e-commerce business, start with a $300–500 monthly paid ad budget. You can split between platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram. Measure performance closely and gradually increase spending on what works best.

How to increase conversion on a website?

Some effective ways to increase conversion include:

  • optimizing loading speed;
  • utilizing persuasive copy and visuals;
  • providing multiple payment options;
  • giving incentives like discounts for newsletter signup;
  • sending post-visit email reminders; ensuring a smooth checkout process;
  • highlighting social proof from reviews/stars;
  • running promotions to boost on-site engagement.

No matter what method you choose, testing minor design changes regularly can also help improve conversion rates.

Final Words

In conclusion, promoting an e-commerce website is essential for driving traffic, increasing conversions, and ultimately boosting sales. Stfalcon can help you create professional, high-converting landing pages for your product, as we did for NP Shopping. Our designers and developers will optimize the pages for maximum clarity and ease of purchasing. Reach out to Stfalcon today and discover how our expertise and dedication can transform your online business.

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