A Stfalcon Quick Insight on Digitalization farm trends 2020–2022

Modern trends in agriculture

Large platform solutions

Social networks

Mobile agriculture apps

Best farming apps 2019

  • Cropstream — is an app facilitating the cooperation between agrarian producers and enterprises through coordination, communication, and synchronization of the crop production actions. It connects growers, seed dealers, service providers, advisors, retailers and often manufacturers helping them to develop their businesses and at the same time keep track of all discussions, products, photos, and places related.
  • FieldCheck app helps pesticide applicators discover specialty crops and hive locations right from the mobile devices.
  • Kugler Timing — farm management application which provides fertilizer usage scheduling and advice on a wide variety of crops with 11 additional options that take into consideration each stage of vegetal development from appearance through harvest.
  • RRXtend Spray helps agriculturalists in more effective spray planning by providing weather forecasts and risk probabilities.
  • Agrellus app — is a marketplace bringing together the buyers and the sellers of farming inputs and supplies. The solution allows requesting numerous quotes from dealers, customizing requests; selecting targets like the type of insects weed, seeding, or defoliation; choosing rate per acre; or getting consultancy on correct rates or the best product to meet their needs as well as indicating delivery deadlines.




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