Why Real Estate CRM Software is so beneficial for the business?

The trend for digitization has greatly influenced our lives in recent years. Besides, the real estate industry has also been greatly changed by technology. With online access to listings and marketing information, people became more informed and consequently rational in their searches. According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of Older Millennials cited using the internet when looking for accommodation. Thus, the figure nears 100%, meaning real estate agencies and independent realtors should go with the tides.

That’s why real estate CRM software has become a key game-changer for the industry. At present, real estate experts account for the overwhelming 25% of all CRM users. Let’s check what a CRM for real estate agents is and why it’s so beneficial for the business.

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

The best real estate CRMs allow realtors not only to improve the personalization of their communications but also stay on top of the up-to-date trends in the real estate industry providing seamless access to various real estate lead resources. So, CRM systems help real estate agents manage their business with minimal effort and wasted time, since they have a one-stop database at hand any time.

What is more, a CRM allows uploading contracts, managing transaction deadlines, and allowing access to certain categories of users to the particular documents. Thus, much paperwork is eliminated.

The advantages of realtor CRM software are more or less clear. When it comes to purchasing a software solution nowadays, there are two major options-buying a product that exists or develop a custom system to match your specific needs. Let’s have a short overview of the best CRM software for real estate that is represented in the market today and that tops the lists 2021.

List of Top Real Estate CRM Software



The tool has a feature of quick scanning of the user’s Sales Pipeline, Social Signals, Calendar Appointments, Sales Tasks Management, and more than creating a dashboard with the present-day set priorities. It helps real estate agents and whole agencies work with more efficiency and less effort. This mobile and browser solution allows managing teams as well as individual realtors.


This software solution is able to capture additional details unique to the business processes of the user and also allows transactions and currency conversion automation. Lead generation bot and in-built AI help to close more deals and enhance the overall productivity of an agent or a team.

It’s a real estate service that comprises CRM integration, ad management, and highly optimized mobile responsive websites for lead generation. User-friendly interface and modern technology are ideally combined to increase the conversion rate in real estate deals. Automated market reports and marketing tools help to generate, track and convert leads into customers. Interactive maps with street views and the possibility to save multiple searches and tag favorite properties along with a property valuation tool allow having a comprehensive overview of a real estate object right away.


With a Contractually dashboard, the current tasks recommended follow-ups, and upcoming calendar events are gathered all in one place. Social media accounts can be linked to the CRM to send and save messages through social media networks.

In a similar way, the entire team can be managed through a dashboard, filtered by a per-bucket basis, or broken down per individual agents. Team admins have access to hundreds of prospects, leads, and key contact persons. The notification system helps the users always stay up-to-date with their assignments.

Disadvantages of Existing CRMs for Real Estate Industry

The common disadvantages Of CRM systems to mention in general can be the following:

Increased costs for a company

What is more, it’s essential to always remember about the costs of data migration and business operations converting. Careful planning and accurate estimation of every potentially hidden cost should help a business set a realistic budget for the overall costs of a CRM system implementation.

Staff training

Loss of data

The Best Real Estate CRM Software for Your Needs

Building a CRM from scratch you can take into consideration every slight detail of your real estate business, your staff and client base, commercial purposes and operations, specifics of the corporate document flow and team management, and much more. What is important, you can always make your own product scalable to meet the challenges of the currently unstable real-estate market. Thus, with CRM development, you get a custom software with only useful and workable features and do not pay for the functionality you never use.

It’s essential to mention that the attempts to implement CRM at once as a full-stack solution is rather a risky undertaking. It’s reasonable to break the integration of a new CRM system into manageable stages and set certain short-term milestones for setting first a pilot version for separate departments and groups and then integration of the software solution itself. However, each stage should be flexible enough to quickly adjust, improve, optimize, and scale functionality if it’s required.

With CRM integration the volume of data your project generates may increase tremendously, you should be ready to manage what data to collect and store in time for your systems not to crash as well as expand them in case of necessity. It’s simpler to do it with a custom product than with a ready-made solution purchased.

Our Experience in Real Estate Software Development

One of our projects was to design an interface for a solution that will make it simple and convenient to manage numerous properties and real estate objects of various kinds. We had the challenge to integrate our solution with a certain API to make the synchronization of large amounts of data quick and accurate. Stfalcon team also integrated chat for messaging and custom calendar components to realize displaying of the reservations in the context of dates.

Moreover, we developed several systems to automate real estate agents’ routine tasks, like messages, reviews, and task management.

In the second version of the product, Stfalcon developed an application for Android and iOS so that it does not duplicate the functionality of a web app.

Several more projects to mention are discovery phases for

  • A kind of US social network for real estate with a 360* review possibility,
  • A dashboard for Saudi Arabia property owners, managers, and agents to manage the real estate objects. CJM and Lean Modal Canvas are finished already.

Final Thoughts

In a modern world, the accessible tools for processes streamlining are valued high. A CRM system allows you not only to have all the information at hand but seamlessly manage your properties, clients, contacts, leads, transactions, documents, and reports as well as marketing campaigns and sales funnel.

Having expertise in real-estate development, Stfalcon understands the heart of the key problems and the challenges real estate companies face. So, we can develop a custom CRM solution that will change your life and business for the better. Just contact us and let’s do it!

Originally published at stfalcon.com

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